When You Hate Somebody Stop Comparing


Throughout my childhood and adult life, there’s been a handful of people whom I’ve hated for no apparent reason. Some of them I knew personally, others were just celebrities or TV/Youtube stars. They didn’t insult me nor humiliate me. They never bothered my life.

Then why did I hate them? Why did I have some form of rage towards them? Why did I feel this burning sensation around my heart whenever I saw them?

I know now. And that’s something I want that they have. Something they have that I want to have. It’s fame, money, wittiness, looks, and other qualities that I think lacks in me. Maybe it’s something I’ve failed at that they succeeded in.

Whatever the case, I decided that I lack certain qualities, I compared myself to them, why I don’t know, but that mindset produced a feeling of rage, hate and animosity towards another human being. It’s quite sad actually. And it makes no sense really.

But this is what plagues many of us, and it can devour our control at times. Sometimes to the extreme of killing other people.

So what can we do? The answer may be simpler than you think. Stop comparing. Comparing creates superiority and inferiority. It creates a lack in one and abundance in another over specific qualities. It makes one feel like they have nothing which is quite absurd.

We’re all alike and unlike each other in many ways. We see differently, we think differently, and we have distinct inherent qualities. I realized that there’s nothing really to compare with another, just because we are so different. We’ve grown up seeing and experiencing things differently. We’re all unique and divine in the sense that there is no one like us even though we are the same.

When I stopped comparing, I learned to see the beauty in others. I learned to appreciate and respect whatever it is that they’re doing to make the world a better place. Sometimes I still struggle at this, but I know that as I keep repeating the act of “not comparing”, feelings of anger and hatred will dissipate and finally disappear as I go further along the path to enlightenment.

So next time you start feeling some burning sensation, some anger and hatred towards another, stop for a moment and ask yourself why. Close your eyes, take a deep breath into your belly, and then realize that there really is nothing to compare, and nothing to get heated over.

It does take a certain amount of discipline and control to catch yourself in such moments. I can’t always do that, but I’m always trying to be conscious of my feelings, and little by little I think it’s working out.

Not comparing is something we should also work on. What’s more, it also is part of the bigger picture that is ” being comfortable with yourself “.

I hope you found this post useful. This is something that can be really helpful in your everyday life.

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