That Voice Inside Of Me

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The Voice

You know what’s interesting?

What? What? Tell me, I want to know.

That voice, that dialogue in your head. Sometimes it never stops until you go to bed.

You may have noticed, it never really stops until you relax and become aware of it.

I don’t know when this voice started in my head. Perhaps when I was young, and developing a thinking mind in order to understand the world and this society. Perhaps all of the alphabets and words as well as the subjects in school started to create this voice inside of me together with the thoughts and words that were thrown around in my household where I grew up.

In any case, I don’t know how this voice came to be. I don’t care. What matters is how this voice seems to affect us at any given situation.

I’ll give you an example. You’re at your favorite live concert or movie theatre and you’re about to go in when you search your pockets and find them empty.

Shit, where’s my ticket? I know I had it just a while ago. Fuck, someone might have taken it while I wasn’t looking.

What’s strange is that you aren’t talking. It’s that voice inside that’s doing the talking. And what happens when you hear that voice? Your feelings change, and you start to become angry, sad or worried. You become emotional and you act very differently.

This happens in almost all situations.

That voice can say good things or bad things, and that stirs up the emotions inside of you. It alters your state and can encourage you to act a certain way.

I’m not trying to say that the voice is bad. What we need to understand is that the voice has the ability to move our emotions, and together with it our actions. That’s why it’s so goddamn important that we realize the voice inside of us. So that we have the ability to stop ourselves before we do something stupid and indecisive.

If you feel your emotions going up or down, try to stop for a moment. It’s never so easy to catch yourself before you act, I know I’m guilty of acting before taking a moment to feel my emotions. It can be done though, and that’s when you realize just how much of an impact the voice has over your emotions.

The voice can be your friend or foe. As long as you are aware of the voice you’ll start to make better decisions and create peace with the situations that come to you.

As I’ve started to become more aware, I can definitely tell that my decision-making and emotions are better controlled, it feels so much better because I can prevent situations from turning sour.

So let’s try to become aware, aware of the voice inside of us.

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