She Stopped Drinking Because Of Me (Part 1)

I have a partner at the moment. Her name is Minako. She’s a charming ball of light who lives and breathes every moment as if it were last.


My idea of relationships may not be contemporary nor traditional. It vaguely resembles what you would expect in a normal relationship but with more freedom. I don’t care what my partner does, who she hangs out with and how she handles her life. Vice versa for me.


I hang out at her place sometimes, and also to play some soccer on PS3. She’s there and not at times.


One thing about her is she likes drinking. When we go out for dinner she downs about 3 glasses of beer at least and talks about how strong she is against alcohol and how she can handle a lot of it.


I’ve never seen her drunk and the most I’ve seen is just her cheeks getting slightly red.


But then shit hit the fan, at least for me.


One night I went to her place, only to fall asleep as Minako was not back home and I was feeling tired. After closing my eyes and some time had passed, I noticed footsteps nearby. Somebody was walking up the stairs. I could hear it since Minako’s room was next to the stairs.


I wasn’t too sure if it was Minako since the person climbing the stairs was taking quite a while. She would normally climb within seconds.


After what seemed like a few minutes the footsteps stopped and I heard keys opening the door. Expecting Minako to say hi or at least laugh at my funny lying posture on the couch, I kept quiet with a smirk on my face but that didn’t come.


Instead she rushed into the bathroom and shut the door. At that instant I thought something was wrong. I suddenly heard an unpleasant noise that resembled vomiting.


Damn, that sounds disgusting


I definitely had the idea that she drank too much and had to vomit the alcohol out. I’ve never experienced someone vomiting after getting drunk. Yes, my very innocent upbringing and the people I hung around with probably prevented me from seeing the ugly side of binge drinking and the crazy-ass drunken party lifestyle.


She was probably in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, and then I shouted to her to see if she responded. No response.


Shit, now what should I do


I opened the door, and saw Minako on her knees with her hands on the toilet seat and her head looking down. This whole situation was so alien, so shocking to me. The figure in front of me was a world apart from that bubbling and warm soul I was used to. She looked dazed and weak. It was like a horror scene where the soul was sucked out from somebody, and that person was like a living corpse. I maybe over exaggerating, but that’s what I felt.


She tried telling me that she was alright but that just didn’t make sense to me. I tried calling a close friend but no-one answered as it was about 3 in the morning. I was panicking, and thinking of calling an ambulance.


I quickly rushed to my laptop on the couch and searched the term ” What to do when you over drink and vomit “. There were a few suggestions and I decided to try some of the quick remedies.


1. Drink water to rehydrate the body


I quickly filled up a cup with lukewarm water, and then tried to make Minako drink it.  I brought the cup to her mouth and she took a sip but then immediately spit it out into the toilet. I tried again but she spat it out again. I was seriously worried.


2. Lay the person down on their side


I quickly got some pillows and then laid her down on her side. She closed her eyes and then dozed off; she slept like she had been knocked out.


3. Orange Juice may help


I got some money and then rode my bike to the nearest store. I found a 100% orange juice package and brought it back to Minako’s place. She was still lying on her side on top of the pillow. I tried waking her up but to no avail. The best I thought I could do was leave the orange juice by her side so that if she woke up she could easily drink it.


I also read that time was the remedy and that it would break down the alcohol in the body. So I really couldn’t come up with anything better to help her at this point.


I seriously considered staying but then also thought there was no point if all I should do was wait. Besides, I was getting sleepy and the whole situation itself was putting me into a very uncomfortable and nauseated state. I didn’t want to stay at her place. Since I lived close by, I decided to go back and then come check on her later.


After getting back and then dozing off for a few hours, I heard Minako opening the door and then felt her lying down beside me. I pretended to be asleep and then dozed off until the alarm went off.


We both opened our eyes and I asked her what happened the night before. She had been going out with a bunch of her guy friends from the southern islands of Japan. The islanders can usually handle a lot of alcohol and so they apparently played a drinking game where Minako drank a lot more than she should have.


I told her how the whole situation of seeing her so drunk was so horrifying to me. Tears started forming in my eyes as I told her this and I wept like a child whose favorite toy was taken away.


Minako started crying as well and apologized with every breathe she had.


After a while I calmed down and reminded her how it’s her choice to do what she wants in her life. The fact that I was weeping had nothing to do with trying to imply to her not to drink so much. The whole situation was just so shocking, alien and terrifying for me; I wasn’t used to people getting drunk and then vomiting. I just felt helpless not knowing how to deal with the situation.


I also did feel guilty about being at her place when she was most vulnerable and exposed. Perhaps this was the only day when she got really drunk and she didn’t want to create the impression that she often did.


Whatever the case, I told her that I was alright and then I quickly got ready and headed to work.


The next day I visited Minako’s place and talked about the incident and weeped even more as my chest was still full of bottled up negative energy. I felt so much better as all the emotions trapped from that horrifying night dissipated and I felt lighter.


That’s when Minako told me that she would stop drinking.


I emphasized once again that I’m not forcing her to stop drinking and that she’s free to live her life however she wants to.


A week passed and she’s kept her own promise. She would drink everyday, and sometime in the mornings. There was always beer in her fridge but not anymore.


The choice she made, and how she’s actually stood by it, is quite amazing.


And that’s what prompted me to title this post She Stopped Drinking Because Of Me

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