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She Stopped Drinking Because Of Me (Part 1)

I have a partner at the moment. Her name is Minako. She’s a charming ball of light who lives and…


生と死 みなさんは「産まれる」という言葉にどんな感情を抱きますか?     僕は少年時代、両親の親戚や友人が出産をした時にみんなが笑顔を並べて嬉しそうにその出来事をお祝いするから「産まれる」ことはとても素晴らしいことだと思い込んでいました。

Love Yourself First

Loving Yourself Comes First I always heard those quotes when reading spiritual and new age books, yet I never seemed…

That Voice Inside Of Me

The Voice You know what’s interesting? What? What? Tell me, I want to know. That voice, that dialogue in your…

When You Hate Somebody Stop Comparing

Hate Throughout my childhood and adult life, there’s been a handful of people whom I’ve hated for no apparent reason….

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